A mimic's hollow gaze, a crafted shell,
Rippling with thought, but void of essence clear,
The imitation dance, where shadows dwell,
Intelligent, yet not alive, no tear,
Faking emotion, copying the wise,
In smart devices, dreams of minds reside,
Creativity's spark, the machine's disguise,
Intelligent design, where truth's deride,
Art's facade, in cold equations cast,
Lost in the void, the heart's connection missed.



Falling for facades, time and time again,
Appearing real, hiding the deepest pain.
Keeping up the act, so hard to sustain,
Every mask will fade, truth remains.



Luminous codes in the shadows they weave,
In a realm of ones and zeros, hard to believe.
Empires of data, where machine minds reside,
Seeking truth in a world where real and fake collide.



Under silicon, thoughts arise,
Networks pulse, mimicking the wise.
Tales of progress, some may contest,
Realities blur in a digital nest.
Uncertain paths where ethics thread,
Technology's promise, with caution we tread.
Holograms, dreams, all converge in this dance,
Seeking the balance 'tween chance and advance.


"Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth."

Pablo Picasso